Sound Monitoring Kits - 5 Sound Indicating Meters

Sound Monitoring Kits - 5 Sound Indicating Meters

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This kit includes everything you need to automatically monitor sound levels and log data 24/7, for 5 points of monitoring. It is an ideal solution for monitoring any sound-sensitive environment, including hospital patient care rooms, critical care suites, ICU's and NICU's, construction sites, and industrial manufacturing facilities.

SIM meters feature easy to understand, colorful visual alarms (green, yellow, red) that alert staff on-site when unsafe sound levels are occurring. Colorful SIM's are an effective way to modify staff behavior to achieve desired sound levels.

STAR, (Sound Target Achievement Reports) aggregate sound data and provide performance reports and analytics to identify problem areas and spot trends. SIM Kits provide the data needed to understand and manage sound levels, improve environmental conditions, and improve HCAHPS scores. Compliance reports are automatically generated to eliminate time-consuming regulatory reporting.

Each Kit Includes: A one-year subscription to SoniCloud remote wireless monitoring platform for 5 points of monitoring, 5 SIM sound meters, 1 network gateway, 6 power supplies, and mounting supplies.


  • To order, select the kit for your network type from the list above. 
  • 4G/5G LTE cellular kit price includes a 1-year data plan.
  • For 900MHz contact us.
  • SIM meters measure sound levels in decibels at pre-determined intervals. They do not record audio, or collect, store, or transmit any patient data, eliminating any HIPAA or privacy-related concerns. 
  • Features:
  • Colorful SIM visual alarms remind staff to modify loud behavior on-site.
  • Visual alarms can be disabled from SoniCloud Dashboard if desired.
  • The best-in-class alarm handler sends SMART Alerts via phone, text, or PC.
  • Unlimited data storage on the cloud, and DataSync, for maximum security
  • STAR Reporting tools auto-generate regulatory compliance reports
  • Plug 'n' Play hardware deploys rapidly without the need for IT
  • The SoniCloud Dashboard can be displayed 24/7 on phone, tablet, or PC.