Install and Configuration - Simple, Fast and Professionally Supported

Forty-one minutes is all it will take from the moment you open the box to completing the installation in your cold storage device.

We've engineered a simple installation process you can watch in this video to guide you through the process.


Scores of pharmacy, laboratory, healthcare and life science professionals have conducted self installation of our products and you can, too! 

Simply scan the QR code in the box, allow the free SoniCloud mobile app Installation Wizard to guide you through the process and then schedule your implementation call with your Customer Success Manager. 

In 30 minutes, your Customer Success Manager will lead you through building a tailored dashboard and alerting system.

Each customers has specific requirements and we will work with you to ensure your Sonicu system is tailored to your organization's exact needs.

Once you have an account, you can visit Sonicu Academy at any time for advanced training and ensure your team has the tools they need to use the system appropriately.

We also hold live monthly training so you can ask questions and learn about new features.

Register HERE and you can even learn before you buy! 

All told, you should expect about 90 total minutes from the time your monitoring hardware arrives in the mail until you've built your custom web and mobile app solution that will be ready to serve your organization's needs for years. 

You can learn more about how our customers improve their compliance reporting and asset protection by visiting our Resources webpage. 

 Or you can call us at 317-468-2345 to learn more. 


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