Differential Air Pressure Monitoring Kit - (Not Including Display)

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Differential Air Pressure Monitoring Kits include everything you need to monitor and automatically log data for differential air pressure 24/7 in real-time. Recommended for use in healthcare, HVAC, pharmaceutical, construction, and industrial environments.

Each Kit Includes: A one-year subscription to SoniCloud remote wireless monitoring platform, SoniShield Duo Wireless Meter, Differential Pressure Sensor (with NIST Calibration Certificate) power supply, 6ft cable, and mounting supplies.


  • To order, select the kit for your network type from the list above. 
  • 4G/5G LTE cellular kit price includes a 1-year data plan.
  • For 900MHz contact us.
  • Optional Air Pickup kits are sold separately. Choose from: air duct kits, wall plate kit, and ceiling mount kits. Pick-up kits include 8' air hose.
  • For a flush mount, local display, order #000055 Flush Mount Display Kit.

DPS Differential Air Pressure Sensor: Accuracy: +/- 0.25%, Range: +/- 4 in H2O 


  • Best-in-Class asset protection – SMART Alerts and powerful alarm handler 
  • Redundant power, data transmission, and DataSync, for lossless data
  • SMART Reporting tools auto-generate regulatory compliance reports
  • Plug 'n' Play hardware deploys rapidly without the need for IT
  • ISO 17025 NIST Sensor Calibration Certificate
  • Compliant with CDC, FDA, BOP, and VFC program with audit logs, permanent data storage, and corrective action logs.
  • The SoniCloud Dashboard can be displayed 24/7 on phone, tablet, or PC. Contact us if you wish to add a dedicated local display.