Room Conditions Monitoring Kits - (with ARC Display)

Room Conditions Monitoring Kits - (with ARC Display)

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Room Conditions Monitoring with the ARC 440 meter is an ideal solution for any application requiring close environmental conditions monitoring and a local display. This kit provides everything needed to monitor and automatically log data for ambient temperature, relative humidity, and differential air pressure between two rooms 24/7, in real-time.

Industries served include; healthcare, life sciences, university research, pharmaceutical, and industrial sectors. Applications include; critical care environments such as surgical suites and isolation rooms, scientific clean rooms, pharmaceutical compounding rooms, data centers, and industrial or manufacturing clean rooms. 

Each Kit Includes: A one-year subscription to SoniCloud remote wireless monitoring platform, ARC 440 meter with integrated display and power supply, DPS sensor, temperature and humidity sensor (sensors include NIST traceable calibration certificates), 6ft and 15ft cables, and mounting supplies.


  • To order, select the kit for your network type from the list above. 
  • 4G/5G LTE cellular kit price includes a 1-year data plan.
  • For 900MHz contact us.
  • Optional Air Pickup kits are sold separately. Choose from: air duct kits, wall plate kit, and ceiling mount kits. Pick-up kits include 8' air hose.

DPS Differential Air Pressure Sensor: Accuracy: +/- 0.25%, Range: +/- 4 in H2O

Temp Range: -10˚C to +80˚C / Humidity Range: 0-80% RH


  • Best-in-Class asset protection – SMART Alerts and powerful alarm handler 
  • Redundant power, data transmission, and DataSync, for lossless data
  • SMART Reporting tools auto-generate regulatory compliance reports
  • Plug 'n' Play hardware deploys rapidly without the need for IT
  • ISO 17025 NIST Sensor Calibration, with IQ/OQ Validation
  • Compliant with CDC, FDA, BOP, and VFC program with audit logs, permanent data storage, and corrective action logs.
  • The SoniCloud Dashboard can be displayed 24/7 on phone, tablet, or PC. Contact us if you wish to add a dedicated local display.