S-Series Temperature and Humidity Sensors

S-Series Temperature and Humidity Sensors

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The easiest and most flexible temperature and humidity sensor available on the market, with long-lasting battery, simple installation and instant configuration to a central hub, the S-Series temperature and humidity sensor is the first choice is monitoring.

Available in both NIST and non-NIST versions and simple installation via the mobile app, the S-Series makes it easy to monitor virtually any facility or environment. 
  • Protect assets and products with multi-location monitoring and management with personalized alerts

  • Improve accuracy with digital compliance reporting and actionable alerts

  • Avoid costly downtime with AI-powered areas of improvement

  • Remotely manage operations across locations, all from one cloud dashboard or mobile app

  • IP-67 Rated, ideal for cold storage environments

  • Highly Cost-Effective - Easily scales across your facility(s)

  • App-based implementation Wizard - Easy to setup

  • Available w/NIST Certification - Maintain Compliance

  • Must be used in collaboration with the SoniLink hub for instant connectivity and SoniCloud service